Dr. Ron Murray

A Trusted Authority in Integrative Health Care

“Dr. Murray is a gifted practitioner. We have worked together for years to improve my health and mobility. I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be today if it weren’t for Dr. Murray’s great expertise, hard work, patience, skill, and gift for healing.” – Long Time Patient


Are you ready for a better approach to your healing and recovery?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything else, but nothing is working as you think it should? Let Dr. Ron Murray’s life-changing and innovative practice help you restore your sense of well being.


Are you a healing professional looking to help your patients recover?

Dr. Murray accepts patient referrals and works with referral healthcare providers. He also offers training, resources and insights into alternative healing modalities and applied healing technologies.

Meet Dr. Ron Murray

As a renowned practitioner of both traditional naturopathy and integrative medicine, Dr. Murray introduces Manual Regulation Therapy (MRT). His life changing holistic approach to help his patients recover and heal from their injuries is unprecedented.

Dr. Murray engages the whole body to stimulate its own healing, instead of the limited conventional practice of diagnosis and treatment of just the problem area.

By working with the patient through a process called receptive connectedness, Dr. Murray minimizes the excessive trial and error that occurs with traditional medical treatment at patient’s physical and financial expense.


Dr. Murray’s practice is broken down into three areas of expertise that may be used in part or together. Dr. Murray helps his patients experience profound healing, particularly those who’ve nearly lost hope.

Manual Regulation Therapy

MRT recognizes the human being as a connected whole, addressing the entire system instead of only the impacted area. MRT has been extremely effective in a host of healing experiences, including TBI, chronic pain, PTSD and more.

Biological Medicine

Dr. Murray’s innovative and life changing approach to healing blends his command of integrative medicine with his expertise in traditional naturopathy to facilitate the body’s and mind’s ability to aid in its own natural recovery.

Personal Training

Dr. Murray uses his personal experience as a competitive athlete and an authority in whole body interaction to implement a High Intensity & Interval Training (HIIT) program that will increase your ability to perform at the next level.