Welcome to the RSM Physical Therapy at Asclepeion CenterCenter for Mind Body Healing!

Whether you have heard about Dr. Murray’s incredible work, been referred by one of our trusted medical providers; or you are simply sick and tired of being in pain and you want to find a healer who can help you feel better, we’re glad you came.

You may also learn about Dr. Murray’s own story and road to recovery and healing that led him to this work.

Our Patients

Our patients often come to us as a last resort, often after months or years of conventional treatments that were able to bring them just so far. Sometimes they want to explore the synergies of MRT with the treatments they are currently undergoing. And sometimes they come for one health issue, but end up with another also resolved.

Dr. Murray is a marvel with the way in which he moves through every system of the body like a sculptor—his work is genius. –Mark Sivieri, MD

Getting Started

New patient appointments are 90 minutes and include a consultation and initial treatment. Follow-up appointments are 60 or 90 minutes long, determined by Dr. Murray.

To schedule your first appointment, call us at 240-492-8434 or contact us. If you’ve been referred by another healthcare provider, Dr. Murray may consult with him/her prior to your first appointment. Next, download the forms on the right sidebar, fill them out, and bring them to your first appointment.

RSM Physical Therapy is a fee-for-service provider, so payment is due at time of treatment. Be sure to complete the insurance information page with the new patient forms. As a courtesy, RSM Physical Therapy will submit claims to the insurance company and reimbursement will be sent directly to the patient. Insurance claims are reimbursed as an Out-of-Network Physical Therapy benefit. Please check with your insurance company if you have any questions about your benefits.

Hours of service are by appointment only. Any questions, call 240-492-8434.


For our patients’ convenience, we offer multiple locations.

Approximately 80% of the people that I treat do some level of emotional work on the table. The beauty of the work I do is that I can meet people where they are at, and give them what they need. I can gently move in and out of the “stuck” areas, which allows healing to happen. – Dr. Ron Murray

What to Expect on Your Visit

Dr. Murray’s work is unlike anything you’ve previously experienced. It is both gentle and powerful. This is a short description of what to expect.

1. Fill out the forms (download from the sidebar) and bring them to your first appointment, which will be 90 minutes. Dr. Murray will review with you your health history and current concerns.

2. You will lie on the treatment table on your back, fully clothed but without shoes. Pillows may be offered to make you as comfortable as possible.

3. Dr. Murray will do a body scan, which means he will gently lay his hands on parts of your body (most often legs, torso, head) to check for blocks or rigidity. This is the first step in MRT.

4. Dr. Murray will then focus on the areas with the most rigidity, making small, gentle manipulations to help alleviate where your body is “stuck.” Most of these manipulations feel like gentle pressure, perhaps a light push. What you’ll likely notice the most is feeling deeply relaxed.

5. At the end of the session, you’ll be given a few minutes to become present and get your shoes on.

6. Although your session is done, your body will continue to respond to the work over the course of the next few days. You may simply feel relaxed or have more energy, or you may experience a profound (often unexpected) emotional release. Traumatic Brain Injury patients, especially those with vestibular symptoms, sometimes report a short-term exacerbation of symptoms before improvement.