The Pain Point

Practitioners and their patients often are frustrated that traditional diagnosis and treatments to the specific area of injury are not addressing or alleviating the pain and discomfort that an injury can have systemically on their entire body.

The Solution

As a renowned practitioner of both traditional naturopathy and integrative medicine, Dr. Murray’s use of Manual Regulation Therapy (MRT), a life-changing holistic approach to help his patients recover and heal from their injuries is unprecedented.


Dr. Murray offers and invites practitioners and fellow healers to expand their practices’ value and ability to more comprehensively treat their patients through his referral partnerships and direct training.

Referral Partner with Dr. Murray

For those practitioners who value the continuation of effective healing treatments not addressed in their current practice, Dr. Murray accepts referral partnerships.

This collaboration allows for the entire care of the patient from the immediate treatment of an injury through recovery and restoration of their health and overall wellness.

To refer a patient to Dr. Murray, simply have your patient contact us to schedule his/her appointment. If you would like to talk to Dr. Murray about a patient you are referring or to learn more about what Dr. Murray does, contact us to schedule a time.

I have been referring patients to Dr. Murray for years, and the profound improvements and healing that they experience never ceases to amaze me. – Mark Sivieri, MD

Training with Dr. Murray

Dr. Murray offers several different ways for healing professionals to learn from him.

  • Washington Metro Cranial Group Mastermind Program
    This is a group training program where you will learn and work in a small group environment. To learn more about the Mastermind, click here.
  • One-on-one shadow consults, for hands-on learning
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Phone consultation/training

To apply to work with Dr. Murray personally, please fill out our application here. The investment for training depends on the venue and commitment.

To schedule a phone consultation or training with Dr. Murray, please schedule an appointment here.

  • 30 minute consultation is $90.00
  • 60 minute consultation is $150.00

To schedule a shadow day, please contact us.

Dr. Murray shines in the role [of teacher].  He has the ability to welcome all levels of ability in a way where someone who knows less is guided in a unique way to meet individual needs, while never compromising quality of information or respect a student feels.  As an LMT with a Med-SE, I believe excellent teachers do this. – Nishanka Lahr, LMT, Med-SE

Practioners and Felllow Healers

Get updates and insights from Dr. Murray on alternative modalities, news, events and upcoming training.