The myofascia is composed of tough bands of connective tissue that hold the muscles in place and attach the muscles to the bones and tendons. “Myo” means “muscle.” The “fascia” is a slightly mobile, laminated sheath of connective tissue that is continuous from head toe, surrounding all the organs and structures of the body.

Physical and emotional stress can cause the fascia to tighten, which in turn can create restriction and pain in all that it attaches to and surrounds. Through the use of Myofascial Release techniques, the therapist can assess the degree and locus of tension and then apply specific, gentle pressure to facilitate release of the tension.

The therapeutic manipulations of Myofascial Release are never high-velocity, rough, or invasive. The targeted gentle, manual manipulations bring the myofascia back into proper tone, shape, and relationship, alleviating pain in the process.

Myofascial Release, often used in conjunction with other healing modalities, can be helpful in alleviating pain, improving mood and energy level, and bettering body function. It may benefit people of all ages, from children to the elderly.

At the Asclepeion Center, we see Myofascial Release as an important application of the Dynamic Colloid Fluid Model of the body. We use Myofascial Release techniques to assess and treat bodily tissues that have retained the imprint of trauma or stress—tissues that are literally “holding on” to pain producing patterns. The gentle manipulations of Myofascial Release can release this imprint and allow the tissues to regain a more normal state, alleviating tension, pain, and stress.