Manual Regulation Therapy (MRT) and the fundamental principles of the Colloid Fluid Model dictate that to truly address the human condition, you must address all the variables or modalities of our bodies as they work in concert with one another.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

CranialSacral therapy applies specific, gentle pressure in order to treat imbalances, poor alignment, or impaired motility in the body. These therapeutic movements are never high-velocity, rough, or invasive.

CranialSacral therapy can be beneficial in treating chronic pain, depression, and other dysfunctions.

Visceral Manipulation

Physical, emotional, and metabolic stress can cause the ligaments and fascia to tighten, which in turn creates restriction and pain in all that it surrounds.

The gentle interventions of Visceral Manipulation can release this imprint and allow the tissues to regain a more normal state, alleviating tension, pain, and stress.

Myofacial Release

The myofascia is composed of tough bands of connective tissue that hold the muscles in place and attach the muscles to the bones and tendons.

Physical and emotional stress can cause the fascia to tighten, which in turn can create restriction and pain in all that it attaches to and surrounds.

Through the use of Myofascial Release techniques, the therapist can assess the degree and locus of tension and then apply specific, gentle pressure to facilitate release of the tension.

Body Mind Healing

Emotional trauma may be said to be “stored” in the viscera and fascia (connective tissue) in what we call “imprints,” that formed to protect us during the original traumatic event.

These areas of restriction can be thought of as bounded “pockets” of energy patterns in the body—which radiate their negative effects outward from a center-point. Energetic Imprints may cause chronic pain, inhibit a full range of emotional expression, create illogical fears, and reduce physical performance.